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BigFly is composed of two experienced directors and chief operators from Nantes, France. Always looking for the most cinematic picture, the possibilities offered by aerial cinematography led them to engage in the field. Beyond drones, BigFly can handle a movie production from start to finish thanks to its know-how and its network of professionnals (pre-production, shooting, sound, editing, special effects…).

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We are accredited to operate in france for most conditions, but we can also pilot our machines in many other countries. In france, we can fly up to 150m high, and 200m of horizontal distance, outside cities. For flying in cities, we need special authorizations.

With a wingspan of 1.67m, our heavylifter (with 8 coaxial rotors) can carry up to 8kg of equipment (stabilizer included). So we can fly all types of cameras ( Red, Alexa mini, Sony F55, Sony A7SII, Canon 1DC, Canon C500, GH4 ... ). The maximum attainable speed is 60km/h, and can withstand winds of 30km/h.


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The drone pilot and cameraman pilot’s work are closely linked to ensure fluidity in movements, and constant communication is necessary. The camera operator can freely move the camera at 360°, thanks to the retractable landing gear. In addition, we can, only in minutes, put the camera ON the drone, allowing us to film with low-angles (ideal for shooting interiors of buildings, structures, or for any particular creative needs ).

drone cinema église

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